SAMSUNG SDS - HR manager


“Exterus did excellent work when setting up our payroll administrations, they are a consultant with expertise. For us Exterus is a partner, almost colleague. In particular the specific knowledge about our Asian expats is of added value. In addition to payroll, they advise on immigration and tax matters for this specific group of employees."

Compliancy assured

"Exterus offers all the relevant immigration services and assures us that it is compliant with all laws and regulations. It relieves our HR Department. When we need a check on our own HR processes or when we have to deal with a more complicated application we ask Exterus. I'm very glad we've found such a partner."

Extra step in knowledge and effort

"When we were expanding our activities to Europe, Exterus showed great involvement by designating a 'dedicated' team for the project. It's easy to contact them by phone and e-mail. But they are also very cooperative 'on site' for example by attending international meetings. Exterus really does the extra step in terms of knowledge and in effort. They're involved."

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