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You've got regulations tackled, but what makes your employees really happy? The payroll administration is the last step in all payment-related matters and is becoming more important for organizations that operate internationally. Exterus helps employers to stay in control.


International/foreign payroll administration

If you have employees working abroad (outside the Netherlands), or employees with several contracts or employees who are paid by means of a salary split, a foreign payroll administration in addition to your regular payroll administration is often unavoidable. Companies with cross-border activities (outside country of origin), for instance for a temporary project, often also need an international payroll administration. Exterus can provide for both the Dutch and the foreign payroll administration of your company.

With processing of the international payroll, Exterus provides for correct remuneration and the right transfers of deductions in each country. At the same time, Exterus ensures that all remuneration components in the various countries are processed fully, consistently and accurately.

Shadow payroll administration

If your employee works outside the country of origin and remains covered by social insurance in the country of origin, or when you are making use of a hypo tax system during an assignment, then a shadow administration will often be necessary.

The shadow administration is run in the ‘shadow' of a regular payroll administration. This means that the shadow administration is intended only to calculate the correct deductions and transfers of deductions; no actual payments to the employee take place. The deductions and transfers of deductions are settled with the employee via the regular payroll administration. Exterus can assist you with this.

Management or confidential payroll administration

In specific cases, it is necessary to keep (part of) the payroll data confidential, such as management payroll or the payroll of expats and impats. Most of the time this payroll administration will be done by an external advisor. So relevant payroll data cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons within your organisation. Exterus can process such a payroll administration for you. We can take over all actions needed to process (part of) the payroll separately from the payroll of other employees.



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