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What does it take for an employee to stay and work in the Netherlands for several years? It often requires a work permit and a residence permit. Exterus supports employers and employees in obtaining these permits and all other required documents.

We support various relocation services and assist in obtaining all the required documents. We ensure full support of both employer and employee.

Work permits

Employers need a work (or employment) permit for employees from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Without such a permit these employees are not allowed to work in the Netherlands. Work permits are not usually necessary for researchers, students, athletes and artists (or need to follow different procedures). 

Residence permits

Residence permits come in various forms, but the most important procedure for companies is the scheme for highly skilled migrants. The highly skilled migrant-scheme is a fast route, but only applies to employees of Dutch registered companies who earn a certain minimum salary. Recognised sponsors as Exterus can file residence permit applications on behalf of the employee. 


If an employee is deployed in the Netherlands, various practical and personal matters must be arranged. For these matters Exterus works with I-Mobility. I-Mobility deals with practical matters as finding a suitable accomodation. We ensure that the employee and family feel at home in the Netherlands.

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