Our clients

We aim for the best and most appropriate solution. Together we consider the situation and the conditions. Exterus is your business partner.

Our goal is to help you realize your company's cross-border ambitions without any hassle and risks around deployment of international employees. We believe in a strong and lasting relationship with our clients.

Exterus helps a variety of clients from multinational, NGO, non-profit organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises to new businesses. Occasionally Exterus also supports individuals (from CEO's and CFO's to posted employees and cross-border workers).





SAMSUNG SDS - HR manager

“Exterus did excellent work when setting up our payroll administrations, they are a consultant with expertise. For us Exterus is a partner, almost colleague. In particular the specific knowledge about our Asian expats is of added value. In addition to payroll, they advise on immigration and tax matters for this specific group of employees."


"Exterus is a committed knowledge-partner. They translate complex issues into clear language. I believe they always put a little extra time and effort in their support. There is a dedicated team at our service, so we really get to know eachother. They are always one step ahead and assure us we won't overlook a thing. Distinctive in relation to our previous supplier is that Exterus guides us through the entire period of international assignment of an employee instead of 'just' doing the implementation of the payroll administration."