Conditions in the Netherlands provide SMEs with great opportunities


Internationalization becomes increasingly important to businesses in order to cope with competitors. Especially for the (larger) SMEs, the availability of highly skilled international employees plays a significant role. Quick anticipation of a strategic course, making decisions with the appropriate knowledge, and signalling as well as exploring international opportunities. As a result of this development, the demand for highly skilled employees from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) is growing considerably. This group of workers is therefore hard to find and the procedures for obtaining a work permit aren’t getting easier. Yet it is worthwhile to look and recruit outside these borders. Recognised sponsors such as Exterus support various consultancy services and assist in obtaining all the required documents. Exterus ensures full support of both employer and employee.

Economic opportunities in the Netherlands

Where does the Netherlands stand in terms of economic growth, and how well does it operate using internationalisation as an opportunity? Here are some facts and figures:

The Netherlands:

  • Globally the 7th ranked country in export;
  • 8th country of globally competitive economy;
  • 9% of the SMEs is involved with international collaborations;
  • 77% of the business is looking for highly skilled migrants;
  • working with Exterus, the immigration of internationals who will work in Dutch companies takes 20% less time due to the knowledge and expertise obtained during many years of immigration experiences.

Exterus, partner for international ambitions

Exterus supplies reliable consultancy services for immigration, tax, payroll and payrolling to International Businesses with cross-border activities and international assignments for your employees. It is their goal to help clients realize company cross-border ambitions without any hassle and risks for deployment of international employees.

Are you curious of what Exterus can do for you on an international level?

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Exterus, work abroad made easy.

Exterus and THIC offer highly skilled migrants a soft landing in the Netherlands

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