Letter Tax authorities about change in expatruling

Both employer and employees (who it concerns) may have recently received a letter from the Tax authorities (Belasting Dienst). The Tax authorities explain by this letter the consequences of the reduction of the 30%-ruling. 

The Government plans to shorten the duration of the 30%-ruling from 8 years to 5 years. They are planning the effective date on January 1, 2019. This reduction applies to both existing and new cases and will become final only after acceptance of the changes as described in the Dutch Tax plan 2019, which will be published at Prinsjesdag.

Don't want to wait and be prepared for the impact of these changes on your organization and employees? 

Call us: +31 88 185 00 00! We offer advise and support by indicating the consequences in your specific situation. Please contact our tax team and they will help you.

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